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  • Road service is free for registered members.
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    One car Membership: N30,000 per annum
  • Two cars Membership: N56,000 per annum<
  • Three cars Membership: N75, 000 per annum
  • Fleet Membership: (4 & above) N20, 000 per unit.

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Lets take of the stress and risk on your Haulages!

For every company, moving high value assets from one location to another is always stressful and fraught with risks. In Nigeria it is also very challenging. Being prepared is half the battle. We can take all that weight and worry off your shoulders by providing you with a professional, fully insured door-to-door transport and delivery service.

Our fleet of delivery vans, flatbeds and multi-loaders transports cargo, containers and cars all over the country, with scheduled and premium departures. We can also help with: Tailor made solutions for companies, government agencies and NGOs, including the removal and relocation of personal effects, transport of special vehicles, heavy equipment and special cargo.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The customer warrants that he/she is either the owner of the consignment or is authorized by such owner (client or principal) to accept these terms.
  2. The client/customer shall deliver the consignment/vehicle at Kesco Autos office for onward transport and delivery to its final destination. Where the client so wishes, his/her consignment/vehicle shall be picked up by Kesco Autos at additional charge.
  3. The customer shall pay an agreed sum to Kesco Autos Ltd for delivery of the consignment.
  4. The customer shall upon receipt of an invoice, pay to Kesco Autos the agreed rates as contained in the bill of charges in consideration of the services.
  5. Kesco Autos shall provide a carrier (Truck) to transport the customer’s vehicle(s) as promptly as possible.
  6. Kesco Autos shall upon receipt of the vehicle, be responsible for its loading, transportation and offloading at the designated location.
  7. Kesco Autos shall not be responsible for any service outside that agreed at the point of collection and delivery of the vehicle.
  8. The customer shall not append his/her signature unless both parties have jointly inspected the consignment so as to verify its current state.
  9. Transit shall commence when Kesco Autos takes possession of the consignment whether at the point of collection or at Kesco Autos premises.
  10. Transit shall end when the consignment is tendered at the agreed point of delivery.
  11. Subject to any other insurance agreement, Kesco Autos shall be liable only to the extent of the negligence of its employees, agents or sub-contractors resulting in the physical loss, misdelivery, and damage to the consignment.
  12. The customer shall not append his/her signature to the agreement unless he/she has read, understood and accept Kesco Autos bill of charge

Our Clients/Partners

Barbedors Cars Ltd
Stallion Motors Ltd
Cars 45 Ltd
Abia State Governor's Lodge

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