Monitor your vehicles at the comfort of your home/office

  • Our tracking and fleet management solution are available in two models; they are;
    T23 Fleet
    This professional fleet management and monitoring solution is ideal for service providers and fleet management companies.
  • T23 Track
    This vehicle security and tracking solution is ideal for consumers, car leasing/rental companies and insurance companies.

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Real-Time Global Tracking of your Vehicles!

We provide vehicle tracking/fleet management solution service for our esteemed customers, our technical teams in charge of our installations and after sales service always demonstrate a high level of professionalism and competency during and after installations. We also train vehicle owners on how to electronically communicate and monitor their vehicles, in the event of theft of the car, we help the client to locate, stop and assist in the recovery of the vehicle back to the owner. Is also important for our esteemed customers to know that our vehicle tracking solutions combines the advantages of GPRS and GSM technologies which provide real time information for personal vehicle owners as well as small and large fleet owners with a warranty of 2 years from the date of installation.

Key features

  • Advanced Real-Time Speed limiting feature
  • Ignition detection with engine disabling via SMS with any phone
  • Ant-theft and zone crossing Alarm and disabling feature
  • Free software for PC, Tablet and Smartphones
  • Vehicle recovery Feature in mobile App for field personnel
  • Fuel Log feature to prevent fuel theft and control cost
  • Easy Landmark based location
  • Aftermath support with warranty service
  • Prevents unauthorized trips and side business
  • Only tracker with online and real-time offline tracking
  • Communication via SMS and GPRS
  • Track on any phone with simple SMS messages
  • Multi-Lingual with English, Hausa, French and More
  • 2 years’ warranty on T23 Track device
In Addition to the above, the T23 Fleet has the following features:
  • Web based M1 Fleet software package for PC, tablet and smart phones
  • Automatic zone, trip, time based and trip reporting
  • Remote listening capability
  • Check point/Trigger Alarms
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Zone monitoring/ Geo-fencing and check point alarms to detect detours and trip progress
  • Full vehicle movement History with satellite maps, locations, time and dates
  • Monitor fuel Consumption
  • 2 years’ warranty on T23 fleet

Our Clients/Partners

Barbedors Cars Ltd
Stallion Motors Ltd
Cars 45 Ltd
Abia State Governor's Lodge

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