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  • Road service is free for registered members.
    To become a member

    One car Membership: N30,000 per annum
  • Two cars Membership: N56,000 per annum<
  • Three cars Membership: N75, 000 per annum
  • Fleet Membership: (4 & above) N20, 000 per unit.

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Automobiles can disappoint unannounced!

Are your cars down due to minor technical issues i.e. Hard Starting, Battery failure, Tyre puncture, Fuel Pump, Fuse, Drive belt, or other related problems? Do not panic, our technical team is equipped to carry out such repair services on the spot and get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

At Kesco Auto Rescue we stand by our members in times of emergency, providing them (individuals, organizations) with membership covers that makes it possible for help to arrive quickly for both driver and vehicle, thus, with the use of our flatbed truck and our experienced rescue team, we provide effective assistance/recovery service. We can also provide you with our road mobile workshop assistant service, this service is designed to fix minor vehicle issues such as tyre puncture, rundown of battery, fuse, drive belt or other related problems on the breakdown spot. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who are working to service you, the motorists, they are equipped with the latest tools and trained with the most up to date techniques.

Our Kesco Auto Rescue/Recovery membership service is cost effective, and it provides you and your company with peace of mind whenever a vehicle breaks down, giving timely help for both driver and vehicle for as many times in a year, as it may occur, and providing you with a 24hours (round the clock) service.

We guarantee rapid response to our members as many times as the vehicle may breakdown, thus, leaving clients with an extreme advantage of the service. MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FEE

  • One Car Cover - N30 000
  • Two Cars Cover - N56 000
  • Three Cars Cover - N75 000
  • Fleet Cover (4 or more cars) - N20 000 Per unit
Please note: The subscription fee applies within Abuja only, any recovery service out of Abuja will attract due vehicle haulage service charge with a fair discount for members.

Should you require further discussion and clarification on the service, call our office on:

or contact us via our email: info [ @ ];help [ @ ]

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Barbedors Cars Ltd
Stallion Motors Ltd
Cars 45 Ltd
Abia State Governor's Lodge

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